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There is a subtle, but pervasive underlying spirit of anxiety in American parents today. In a culture of comparison, the overwhelming availability of information and the crushing abundance of “things” have undercut parental self-assurance and joy. I want to relieve that fear, bring clarity to the home environment and empower parents to embrace their authority, encouraging them to be confident in their roles as mom and dad.

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  • $149

    per session
  • Holiday pricing! Down from $199 for a limited time
  • Discuss the specific challenges your family is facing
  • Detailed written review of our discussion
  • Plans and tools for moving forward
  • On Demand access to Janet for 30 days
  • $25

    per person
  • Holiday pricing! Get a group of FIVE or more, and your $25 fee is waived
  • 4 or more people per session
  • Relax, chat, and ask questions
  • Meet at a coffee shop, home or online
  • Highly customizable for your group's needs
  • $49

    per month
  • Holiday Pricing! ONE free month after scheduling your Private or Org. Consult
  • Have a simple question?
  • Overwhelmed by a stressful situation?
  • In the middle of a behavior meltdown?
  • Reach Janet for immediate advice via phone or text
  • $149

    per session
  • Holiday pricing! Down from $199 for a limited time
  • In-home assessment and customized “Blueprint” for de-cluttering the home environment
  • Behavior strategies attached to organization
  • Suggestions for chores and routine tasks to maintain order and calm


Janet is available for speaking engagements of all sizes – from keynote speeches to small breakout sessions. Send Janet an email to tell her more about your event and how she might best suit your needs.

Story Time with the Coaches

A video series of Janet’s favorite memories and stories of parenthood.

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