About Janet Carter

Janet is living life with a new perspective for the future, accompanied by a great appreciation for her past.  Writer, speaker and parent coach, she has the uncanny gift of seeing through the details and speaking compassionately to the heart of the matter when helping parents and children in today’s culture. Whether working in the home, bringing organization and clarity to the home environment or consulting one on one with parents concerning behavioral challenges, she speaks truth into the current parenting ethos, dispelling the pressures and excesses that weigh down the family and encourages parents in their roles.

Published in Style Weekly and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Janet has also been featured in Work It, Richmond. You can also find her on www.rosemond.com and www.parentcoachatlanta.com.  A former high school English teacher, she is mother to four grown children, a daughter and three sons. 

A Richmond, Virginia native, Janet is a graduate of James Madison University. She taught middle and high school, as well as homeschooling her own four children.  She served for 8 years as the Children’s Ministry Director for Hope Church, developing the ministry from the ground up, working with families of young children, birth to 5th grade.  Her invitations to speak have extended to churches, conferences and schools.

A Certified Parent Coach, Janet studied under John Rosemond in his Leadership Parenting Institute.  She works with parents one on one, either in person or virtually, helping them to break through parenting difficulties and achieve harmony in their home. 

Growing up in a home that was both practical and efficient, Janet learned early in life the basic skills of organization and personal discipline. She comes into the home and works with parents to create the environment that ultimately leads to respect and responsibility. According to Janet, Teach a child to organize his bedroom and you are teaching him to organize his school work . . . and his life. The two are completely connected.

Without question the greatest influence in Janet’s life was her parents, whose impact is evident in her writing and infused in her character. Her greatest joy is her children and grandchildren, and to know her is to know them.  The First Act of her life was motherhood and now in Act Two she wants other families to know that same joy she found in childrearing.