A purpose-driven hour with friends

Janet will meet with you and a small group of your friends to discuss topics of your choosing. Small Group Consults are effective not just at problem solving, but for building community, connection and confidence in parents. Minimum of four participants.


Face challenges, share experiences, and grow together.

Small Group Consults are a more casual venue for parent coaching. Janet meets with groups of parents in their home, Janet’s home, coffee shops, or via a screen – anywhere the group would like. They discuss challenges they are facing in their homes, in their schools and in their neighborhoods. It is fun and informative, and a great way for a group of friends to spend an hour!

I'm overwhelmed by the amount of technology available to my high schooler. Where do I draw a healthy boundary?
I just can't get my kids to listen! It's like I'm not even the room unless THEY need something.

What do we talk about in our Group Consult?

After you schedule your Group Consult, send Janet a list of topics you would like to discuss. She will use your suggestions as a guide and answer as many questions as possible.

Brushing his teeth is a battle. Meals are a battle. Homework is a battle. I am exhausted. I expected this at age two, but not at age 11. What can I do?
Lead the charge for your group of friends.
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