A web series of Janet’s favorite memories and stories of parenthood


Tough Love

Episode 17

Hear the story of how this inspirational mom offered tough love to teach her son a valuable lesson, and then turned that same love into compassion for her community.


Episode 16

Hear today from a mom who decided to put her money where her mouth was. Nothing succeeds like success.

Boys to Men, Part II

Episode 15

Janet talks about raising boys and the impact of the sacred moments of vulnerability. She also encourages you to listen to Lewis Howes interview with Brene Brown to learn more about this important topic.

Boys to Men, Part I

Episode 14

Janet talks about the emotional challenges in raising young men, as well as future additions to the website.

Seasons of Change

Episode 13

Janet talks about the emotional impact of the changing seasons of parenthood, as well as the changes coming to the website!

Sink or Swim

Episode 12

Janet shares two stories when success all comes down to perspective and attitude.

Morning Battle

Episode 11

Tired of fighting through the morning, trying to get your kids out the door? Listen to this story of winning that battle.

Excuses, Excuses

Episode 10

Janet retells a familiar story about triumph over obstacles vs. succumbing to excuses.

Obedience Miracle

Episode 9

Janet’s story about a blind man reveals the magic and miracle of obedience.

Make Way For Ducklings

Episode 8

Janet tells a fun story of a Mama Duck and her babies and how Mother Nature has a lot to teach us.

No Free Pass

Episode 7

Janet recalls a time from her days as a substitute teacher when she helped a student help himself.

The Less Said The Better

Episode 6

Janet recounts watching a mom in Target who wisely did not engage in childish “foolishness.”

A New Sheriff In Town

Episode 5

Janet tells the story of one of her clients and her realization that she didn’t have to take all her children were handing her.

She Played Us

Episode 4

Janet shares a story from her early days as a mom, when she realized her children knew more than she realized.

Let’s Make a Deal

Episode 3

Janet remembers a time when she is “offered” a deal from a 7-year-old and realizes a 7-year-old has nothing to offer.

The Meltdown

Episode 2

Janet tells the story of a two-year-old meltdown and how she “survived” it.

Hang In There

Episode 1

Janet shares a conversation with her daughter, now a mother of three young boys, and offers compassion and encouragement to moms of the very young.